Cooling Radiator Additive

Nano MAXX is a revolutionary product based on Nano Technology developed as an extra coolant radiator formula containing 100% natural mineral nano-sized particles. When combustion occurs within the engine cylinder, typically 70-75% of fuel is transformed into kinetic energy and leaving 30-25%, the excess becomes harmful exhaust emissions and are released into the air.

With Nano MAXX applied into the radiator, it will generate a positive anode (+) on the surface of the water adjacent to the engine combustion chamber. Positive anodes (+) mixed with hydrogen & carbon helps bind the fuel through an electromagnetic induction infrared remote to enhance combustion, producing good gases that is safe and environmentally friendly while maintain the ideal radiator temperature.

  • Fuel savings of 8% up to 30%
  • Prevents smoke belching
  • Reduces engine noise 10 – 25%
  • Increases engine power 10-30%
  • Guarantees NO side effects
  • Safe for all types of radiators
  • Provides anti-bacterial and air purifying effect


Each sachet of Nano Maxx will last up to 18 months and is recommended to top up every 12th month or after each radiator coolant flush or cleaning whichever earlier.